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Finding Frugality


Well, I’ve loved a lot of the recipes I’ve put on this blog, really, I have. However, the more time has gone by, the farther we’ve drifted from the “frugality” part of the blog title. Most of it has just been comfort – I like to cook, and it’s still cheaper than going out, so …

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Temporarily Dairy Free

Hello, and welcome to my first post-baby post! E was born in early December, following the loss of his twin brother in late November. I hope to post much more frequently now that I’m getting back to experimentation and routine cooking beyond just trying to keep food on the table. As I am currently breastfeeding, …

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Hi there! My name is Alice, and lately I have been reading many food blogs, healthy food blogs, and frugality blogs, and decided I needed to start my own to share my own adventures! A short introduction to me: I am currently a housewife by choice, but without children, yet. This lifestyle choice for me …

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