Finding Frugality

Well, I’ve loved a lot of the recipes I’ve put on this blog, really, I have. However, the more time has gone by, the farther we’ve drifted from the “frugality” part of the blog title.

Most of it has just been comfort – I like to cook, and it’s still cheaper than going out, so it’s frugal, right?

Not always the case.

I’ve also been procrastinating on finalizing a lot of blog posts, so I actually have a lot of topics lined up that I photographed as I made them, but haven’t gotten them all written up. Starting right now, and possibly not counting vacations, I plan on a 3-day posting schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, going forward. I really do have a lot of yummy things to share, and having a baby has slowed down my posting of these tasty things.

So, I have a few not-so-frugal recipes to post along with some really frugal recipes, which when you balance them out probably come to something like “average”. Lately we’ve been concerned about possible changes in our income, so we’ve been trying to skew more toward the frugal end of the cooking spectrum.

I’ve stopped going 100% dairy free, but I still attempt to limit my dairy to small amounts, so most of my entrees are still dairy free. I am trying to lose all my baby weight (and then some) so I’m trying to cook healthy foods, but dinner is our biggest meal of the day so our dinners will be higher calorie, as I compensate in the rest of the day.

Just so this post isn’t without a picture, here’s my cooking helper:


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