Fried Rice

What follows stir fry, when plain leftover rice is not well loved by all members of the household? Fried rice.

This is a simplistic, frugal version of fried rice and made a tasty meal for us.

First, I dumped about 2 cups of leftover brown rice (this recipe is very flexible) into my wok, and fried it with about 3/4 cup of frozen mixed veggies. Any veggies will do, this is what I had handy. I chose to use coconut oil for flavor, but any oil will do for the base cooking oil – I only use enough to keep the rice from sticking to the cast iron.


I continued until the veggies were “done”.


Then I added 2 eggs (scale up or down based on amount of rice):


I added a little soy sauce  (to taste) and 2 teaspoons of Bulgogi sauce (a Korean BBQ sauce) and a drizzle of sesame oil.


This made 2 servings for us with no leftovers (since we were using leftovers!) and here was my plated fried rice:

IMG_1642Fried rice is a very simple recipe; I’ve added meat as well and used other spices/flavors/sauces. Any veggie combo will do, and this makes for a good fried rice. I really wanted to add onion, but found myself out of onion.


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