Shredded Chicken… the easy way!

I’m trying to get into freezer cooking, because having the little one really has put a crimp in my cooking time – and sandwiches/cereal/frozen convenience food have been making all too many appearances at my dinner table. So, I wanted to make things to freeze so that I can pull out my own home cooking on those nights.

Back when I wrote this post, somebody told me about the easier way to shred chicken for recipes, but I never really tried it – until I realized I needed a massive amount of shredded chicken for tomorrow’s cooking.

To recap, I take split chicken breasts, bone in, and cook them at 375 for an hour (they were still partially frozen, otherwise shorter.)

IMG_1355I wait for it to cool enough to handle,then I roughly take the chicken off the bones and put them in my mixing bowl to my… stand mixer! I use the standard beater attachment (not the whisk, the other one) for a few minutes, and the chicken magically looks like this:

IMG_1357All ready for my massive batch of enchiladas tomorrow!

IMG_1359All my shredded chicken, packed tight in a ziplock, now waiting for me in the fridge. Seriously would have taken an hour the old way by hand/fork.  I cannot remember who shared this tip with me, but really, I needed it!!




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