“Sweet and Sour” Stir Fry

I keep forgetting about this, but I had a head of cabbage, and not wanting it to go bad (I am doing my best to stop the food waste from spoilage), I decided to make a stir fry. We both needed some protein so we added chicken.

I used chicken breast which I cut off a bone-in split breast.



(I cut it up after my broccoli, that’s the little green thing that found its way into the wok)

After the chicken was done, after no pink showed when a piece was broken in half, I removed it from the wok, and added all my veggies, which this time were:

Cabbage (1/2 head, chopped)

Broccoli (1 crown, chopped)

Green Pepper (1 chopped)

and my spices:

Ginger (1Tbsp fresh grated)

Sesame oil (a good drizzle)


IMG_1611After it cooked down for several minutes over medium-high heat, I tasted some cabbage to see if it was done. Since everything but the chicken (which was cooked first) is safe/ok/tasty when raw, it is more about cooking it to taste.

IMG_1612This is what the veggies looked like when done for us.

Next, I stirred in the chicken and half a bottle of Kikkoman’s Sweet and Sour Sauce. This was Marc’s decision for a sauce that he wanted, but we won’t use it again – not nearly worth the cost in such a cheap meal otherwise.

IMG_1613Served over brown rice with soy sauce. (Ignore the stain on the placemat – I’ve had a barbecue sauce fixation lately, and that doesn’t come out of placemats too well).

Overall this was a very good meal, and the only thing I really thought about was adding a can of pineapple to make it a little more special – and more on that sweet and sour flavor Marc was craving. If I were to repeat it, I’d definitely add the pineapple and a little vinegar, and hold off on the jarred sweet and sour sauce.





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