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Coconut Chicken Curry


This recipe is by far my favorite one that I’ve made this last week; I ate way too much when I initially made it and also scored all the leftovers. It was the first time I had tried a casserole like dish with brown rice without cooking the rice first, and was amazed at how …

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Crockpot Greek Feta Chicken

I don’t know how Greek this recipe is, but it is one of my favorites. I think I started making it on long nights when I was commuting from Bowling Green and we lived in Nashville. It’s very simple, and a true “dump and run” crock pot option. I mixed it up from more than …

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Mediterranean Dip Fiesta!


Well, I’ve been craving some eggplant. And as I posted yesterday I was going to make baba ghannouj with some beautiful eggplant I bought at the farmer’s market. I also was craving moussaka, but I am holding out for my tomatoes to turn red. Moussaka will appear… maybe in the next couple of weeks. As …

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