Kitchen Storage

It’s never a good day when you get woken up to the sounds of very loud noises in your kitchen, and the only other person in the house is still in bed with you.

My first reaction was that someone was breaking in. My husband being more rational, said: “I bet the kitchen shelves finally fell over.”

After months of trying hard to make the shelves last (cheap plastic – you know, the kind that uses PVC pipe between each layer). They were purchased back when we were first dating, and my cooking meant that suddenly, extra food appeared that wasn’t going to fit in the limited cabinets at the apartment. It made the move with us to Knoxville, and survived, albeit leaning, until December. It was leaning enough that we even stopped putting glass or breakable items on it. When it fell, the only mess was a soy sauce packet from Chinese takeout, and a cardboard container of grits (and the grits did not leave the container, thank goodness.)

After more than a month (part of it spent out of town) of no kitchen shelving and tripping over the various piles of cans, this week we assembled new, and larger, steel shelving from Home Depot.

Kitchen shelving

So, we hope this will be a good investment, even though I wasn’t ready to spend the money!

Now that the kitchen is back in order and the holiday craziness is calming down, I’m planning on making it a priority to post more frequently. (Expect a post tomorrow about the fabulous dinner that’s in the crock pot now!)

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